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Impending shark week with a side of mayo

So, let’s kick this off with some TMI!  I have recently been placed on a new birth control that has increased levels of estrogen.  The docs wanna see if after nearly 10 years of not having a period if all my lady bits still work.  So… this weekend shall be the beginning of the end… shark week.  If any of you are frequenters of reddit/r/xxketo, then you’ve heard the tales of horror that is your menses on a low carb lifestyle. I already feel horribly bloated.  I’ve been chugging water like a fiend to try and keep the puff at bay, besides water intake being incredibly important when you’re on a low carb diet anyway.  This terrifies me, I felt like I barely fit in my scrubs today x_x

While I’ll admit that I cheated a little and had a bit of chocolate… I regret nothing!!  I did curb some of my emotions with a delicious keto friendly chicken tender recipe.  This can also be applied to any cut of poultry, I personally am a huge fan of thighs, but the little tenderloin thingies were on sale and I’m trying to keep to a budget.  Here’s the recipe:

Mayo and Parmesan crusted chicken:

  • chicken, any cut you wish
  • mayo (not miracle whip! as delicious as it is, you want to keep your sugar intake down)
  • grated Parmesan cheese
  • Italian herb blend

Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees F

Coat your chicken in a thin layer of mayo.  If it’s too thick, it won’t crisp up as nicely as you’d like.  It’ll still taste good though *shrug*  up to you.  Then, as messy as it is, dredge the mayo-y goodness into a mixture of parm and herbs.  No need to add salt, the cheese makes it salty enough.  Feel free to add as many herbs or other spices though.

Place chicken on a greased baking sheet and back for approximately 20 minutes.  This can also vary depending on how much chicken you are baking and how dark you want the top.  Be careful not to dry out your tenders though!  No one likes nasty, dry chickens-es precious >_>

Enjoy with your favorite, low carb dipping sauce.  I personally love a good spicy mayo or yogurt.

I do apologize, I did mean to take a picture of my creation but failed to before I had devoured it.  I’ll do better next time.

Time for some more water~ Cheers.


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