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Feeling good and crappy at the same time

Another day down and another day of C25k successfully conquered.  It’s surprisingly a lot easier than when I tried to do it a few years ago… so that’s a bonus.  I came up with a couple mantras, mid run yesterday that I should strive to live by the coming year.  

1.  My body is a temple and through it I honor the divine.  – some of you don’t know, not that it really matters but I’m a wiccan.  I am a part of nature, as is the god and goddess so taking care of myself is one of the best ways to honor them.  

2.  Train like you just got recruited to the Avengers!!  o_o yes! *flex*  run till you can’t anymore!! Lift till your arms or legs feel like they’ll fall off!!  RAWR!  Lol, I say this now but I know tomorrow I’ll be really sore and regret it. 

On another note, this weather.. seriously.  I love that it’s starting to warm up but my sinuses just can’t take the change!  I have a killer headache, to top it off, I fell down the stairs to my basement earlier and spilled a big bag of dogfood all over the floor.  So, my beloved, jerk beagles are howling and trying to claw their way downstairs to get the few pieces that are left, wedged between the railings.  I don’t know what’ll happen first…. my head exploding or the dogs dying -_-

Today also marks a small victory for myself.  I made it through the entire day without eating sugar.  Really… I’m not lying.  There was about an hour period around 2:00 where I literally paced around my lab at work trying to talk myself out of a peanut butter cup or one of those coconut cream filled egg thingies.  It was horribly painful.  I’ve always heard people on the keto subforums say “oh don’t worry.. the cravings for sugar will go away eventually and stuff will just taste way too sweet for you.  You won’t want sugar anymore!” …. bullshit.  In the couple years I’ve toyed with keto, never in that entire time was sugar not on the back of my mind.  Desserts have never tasted too sweet or too rich.  Sure they make me sick, but when I’m eating it, I don’t care.  It’s worth the nausea and inevitable vomiting.  I guess when you’re an addict, you are for life.  I’m not upset by this, it’s just something I need to deal with for the next 100 some odd years of my life.  Oh, btw.. I’m determined to live to be at least 200 years old and super healthy and I’ll have bacon to thank for that :3

Oh!  And I finally took the time to work out the keto caculator found on  *points*  It helps you figure out the ratio of macros you need for your body type for optimum effects.  It really threw me for a loop and I’m still not 100% sure about it.  It says I need to be eating 1812 calories a day… really!?!  I mean, I know I’m a hobbit at all, and we’re known for being small and bottomless pits but still.  that’s a lot of food O_o  we’ll see… I’ll give it a try but I’m skeptical.

For dinner tonight, I present  Spaghetti Squash Pancakes, brought to you by Caveman Keto.  Make them.. they’re delicious.  I added some spices to my sour cream topping because I like things with a kick ;D


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