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I’m short, a bit chubby and have insane curly hair. It’s no wonder that my nickname at work is ‘Hobbit’. Thank the gods that I don’t also have hairy feet. But, with my love of food, and finding a bit of humor in my term of endearment… what better name for a blog about my newly found eating habits and lifestyle than Second Breakfast. Embrace your inner hobbit!

I am on a low carb lifestyle. For the most part, it’s a modified Ketogenic diet but as a disclaimer ~ not every recipe or delicious food item I post here will be 100% keto friendly. But I want to try and keep it as ‘paleo’ kosher and clean eating as possible. What can I say, sometimes you just need to add onions and tomatoes. The jist is that what I’ll be talking about and posting will be high in fat and low in processed carbs. That means no sugar! Unless the ingredients already contain some, ex/tomatoes or berries. No wheat, no grains and no low fat dairy! Being that I have a general intolerance (nasty headaches) from Soy, I won’t be using much of that either.

I hope you enjoy my content. Please try to avoid flame or hateful comments. Just because you do not pray to Baconnos~ god of all that is smokey and savory, doesn’t mean that you need to be nasty. This is supposed to be fun and healthy, hopefully a bit funny. Cheers!

*hugs her package of bacon in the corner* My precious…..


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